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*Your capital is at risk

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Mirror Investing

A Mirror Trading account is NOT a managed account your funds remain in your account and in your name. You the client choose to follow or link to the "currency basket strategy". This is an automated strategy, and there is risk involved. Although the strategy does use stop loss orders to prevent large drawdowns there are no guarantees and your capital is at risk.

Please be advised that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Although the objective is to make money this strategy is not guaranteed due to high volatility and unpredictability of markets.

You can link or un-link your account if you chose too by sending written instructions to info@khwezifs.co.za

Minimum amount to open a Mirror account R10000.

Mirror Strategies

What is a mirror account?

The mirror trading method allows traders clients to select a trading strategy and to automatically "mirror" the trades executed by the selected strategies in another trader's account.

Clients, give authority to be linked to the strategy via a mandate, and can unlink from the strategy at any time as long as there are no open positions, you would be able to un-link at the end of that business day.

How the mirror account works

Each client, including the professional trader has to open and fund their own personal account. These accounts are called Slave accounts and are view only for clients. Slave accounts are then linked on your instruction only to the master account.

Each account is in the client's name (FICA applies), the money deposited is deposited in a segregated bank account in the clients name at Standard Bank of South Africa The funds never leave the clients account. Your account is merely "linked "to the master trading account via a mandate that you sign in which you accept the risk.

Trades are placed on the master account and positions are allocated automatically on a pro rata basis to the clients slave accounts via the MAMM administration system. This system allows the client to view the performance of the fund and view account balance on a daily basis.

Minimum investment is R10000 (funds are deposited in Rands but traded in Dollars)
As this is a Mirror Account and not a managed account there are no monthly management and performance fees.

Disclaimer: Although these strategies have been tested and have been proven to work, market conditions and trade- timing are important, therefore Khwezi Trading cannot be held responsible for any trading losses incurred. These strategies cannot be construed as advice in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Service Act 37 0f 2002.