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Mirror Strategies

Indices Basket Strategy

You can see the past performance of this strategy here.

Please be advised that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Although the objective is to make money this strategy is not guaranteed due to high volatility and unpredictability of markets.

This strategy trades for monthly returns and is a Long/Short strategy.

This strategy uses Index CFD's to trade global markets Major Indices traded: US500, DJ30, Dax, FTSE100, N225, ASX, and HK50


This is a proprietary strategy build around the premise that markets are either trending or drifting (choppy). Our system allows us to adapt to both situations. Trend systems tend to be unprofitable when markets are not trending and scalping strategies can easily get into trouble if a market breaks into a trend. Our system attempts to adjust to conditions to improve efficiency and take advantage of trending moves when they occur.


We trade numerous international exchanges using Index CFD's. Typically we trade European Indices during European hours, US indices during US hours and Asian (including Australian) indices during the Asian session.

We are not always trading all markets but if we do it will be during times when the underlying market is open for trading.

Timeframe used: Multiple, 3-60 minute timeframes are used

Activity level: Active, mostly intra-day

Trading time: During underlying market hours

Performance fee: None

Overnight positions: Due to the fact that we trade multiple international markets, positions can be carried overnight. For example; trading Asian markets occurs when European markets are closed (overnight).

This strategy has been used and refined in live trading conditions for over five years and we have developed our own proprietary indicator system to provide our signals.

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